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Ein ausgewogener Kaffee von feiner Milde und Würze mit wenig Säure. Im Abgang leicht süßlich mit Haselnuss.

Mexico produces a diverse variety of premium coffees across its regions, ranging from lighter-bodied, delicate qualities to sweeter coffees with caramel or chocolate notes. The coffee region Chiapas is situated at the border to Guatemala and offers both the necessary altitude of up to 1,750 meters above sea level as well as fertile volcanic soils for good coffee production. Located in the Southern part of Chiapas, an hour and a half away from the town of Huixtla, this coffee stems from the town of Ejido Morelos.

Born into coffee, Saida Soraya Henanine inherited Providence Mills from her father. This certified organic coffee mill exclusively prepares the coffees coming from their three fincas: Finca Paraiso, Finca Holanda, and Finca San Pedro. The farms extend on a beautiful landscape ranging from 900 to 1,100 meters above sea level. The three organic farms are planted with Bourbon, Sarchimor, Catuai, and Caturra varietals. Saida‘s commitment to the region and its people is truly motivating. She has constructed a school, a dining room and housing facilities for the coffee pickers and their families. Some of them genuinely like the new place and decided to stay after the picking season.

The farm produces up to 4,000 bags of high quality coffee per year. With its light, citric acidity, chocolatey and nutty notes, this coffee comes with a beautiful cup profile.