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Für Liebhaber eines weichen Espresso. Er ist nussig und erdig mit süßer Fruchtigkeit. Angenehm Cremig.

Brazil‘s coffee production represents about one-third of the global coffee production, making it by far the biggest producer worldwide. Both Arabica and Robusta are grown here. The latter is known as Conilon, whereas Arabica dominates with an estimated 65% to 70% share. The description Cerrado refers to the region where the coffee is coming from. The Cerrado Mineiro region is known for producing high-quality coffees. Well-defined seasons like hot, wet summer and pleasantly dry winter is a typical characteristic of this area.

Fazenda San Martin is located in the savanna of Central Brazil in the state Minas Gerais, close to the district Patrocinio. It covers 35 hectares and is being operated by Senhor Nelson Rivellini, who continues a more than 100-year-old family tradition. The coffee cultivation started with his grandfather, who made his long way from Italy to Brazil. With his family, he built up first plantations in Sao Paulo and later on in Paraná. Besides the traditional processing method, Fazenda San Martin also uses the so-called „eco-washed“ or semi-washed method. Being also a member of the association of the Cerrado coffee farmers, they guarantee high-quality standards and origin of the coffee following sustainable practices. Those are being proven through the “tag” certification, making it possible to trace back every single bag. Every bag gets a label with a number that verifies the exact origin of the coffee through a search option on the Internet containing comprehensive information about the respective Fazenda.