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Founded more than 150 years ago, the family owned Finca Medina is located in the outskirts of Antigua, one of the oldest coffee regions in Guatemala and famous for producing one of the best coffees of the world. Finca Medina is dedicated to advanced technology in coffee production and milling processing like their drip irrigation system while also maintaining traditional work techniques. Being also committed to sustainability the Finca especially attaches importance to ensure the well- being of their employees, to maintain awareness and care of the production environment as well as to maintain a high production of first quality coffee. This is being ensured through a professional laboratory where the necessary quality controls are carried out for every single lot of this Genuine Antigua coffee. The preservation of the ecosystem and the proper maintenance of the shade trees are of utmost importance to the coffee plantation. Therefore 10 ha of land are being preserved as unspoiled nature so that the biodiversity of flora and fauna can prosper and thrive unhindered. 

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