Mount Kilimandjaro

Mount Kilimandjaro

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Machare Estate is one of the highest farms on the slopes of beautiful Mount Kililmanjaro in Tanzania. It is located right below the Rainforest and measures in total 230ha. Thereof approx. 38ha are kept as river and nature reserve in order to allow the nature to grow without restrictions. Cultivated as a coffee estate in the early 30 ́s of the last century by a German settler it was then sold a couple of years before it was nationalized. In 2001 Bente Luther-Medoch leased Machare Estate being in a very run- down condition. Together with her Tanzanian team she managed to turn the land into a sustainable and state of the art coffee farm. The annual lease rent is paid directly into the account of the neighboring villages and helps building schools, dispensaries and other infrastructure. Further projects include tree planting, smallholder training in good agricultural practices and coffee quality improvement, providing eco-friendly stoves and water management. Machare ́s Rainforest Alliance and Organic certifications as well as the continuous support of social and environmental projects demonstrate its true commitment towards sustainability. 

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