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The total area under coffee cultivation in Kenya is estimated at 160,000 hectares. Plantations make up about one third of the area. However, the largest part of the land is used by smallholder farmers who assign themselves to cooperatives. Normally the coffee is being sold via auctions that take place weekly during harvesting season. The pricing between buyer and seller is defined by the cup quality and the grading, which is mostly depending on the bean size. According to those factors, the green coffee is generally classified in Kenya. Coffee beans that are screened above 17/18 are named „AAand are the biggest of their kind. The add on „Top“ or „Plus“ refers to the cup profile which is especially fine and complex. The combination of red volcanic soil, high altitudes and ideal climate has a decisive impact on the development of the aroma that characterizes this coffee. Due to the geographical location on the equator, there is only little distinction between the different seasons in Kenya. Therefore, the harvest takes place twice a year resulting in a main-crop and a smaller fly-crop. This phenomenon is almost unique to Kenya and a few other coffee producing countries. The well-known region Nyeri in the heart of the central highlands is located between the western outskirts of Mount Kenya and eastern end of the Great Rift Valley and is famous for producing the best coffees of the country. All coffees are wet processed and dried under the African sun on so called “African Beds” down to approx. 12% once the fermentation and washing processes are finished.


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